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They're Talking About Us... Testimonials

The Swiss Bakery appreciates the positive comments and support given by the following customers:

“Thank you for the prompt delivery of the order. We are so happy that we can get "real" Swiss chocolate since the relatives can't send any from back home anymore. Alles Gute fuer 2007” ~Kurt and Margrit Jordi

“Thank you very much for sending my order of Ragusa in time to surprise my husband for Christmas. We traveled to Switzerland this past August for our honeymoon, and learned of this delicious treat after being invited into a local's summer home while on a hike. When asked which of all the chocolates were her favorite, she said, "Ragusa!" It immediately became our favorite too, and we traveled home with our bags stashed with it. Well, this Christmas, my husband also remembered how much I had enjoyed it on our trip, and decided to surprise me with several armloads of it under the tree as well. We laughed so hard when we discovered that we had gotten eachother the same gift this first Christmas together! Thank you for making our holiday a memorable and tasty one! The packaging was beautiful.” ~Evie Sellers

“I really enjoyed the bread you added to my order and the Chritsstollen was heavely on Christmas morning. Thanks for providing foods like that through the mail. All the best and continued success,” ~Daniela Bose

“It was a pleasure to receive the wonderful freshly baked array of "Guezli" and Stollen. Just the way I remember from my childhood in Appenzell in the 1950!!!!! It has been so long, but Christmas was always the most special time of the year. I grew up in a Kinderheim, (children's home) and cookies were truly a treat and only given at Christmas!!!! I have attempted numerous times to make Chraebeli but have never been very successful here in California. Now that I have found you, I have a source for such delights and can offer my guests and family those "old world" baked goods during the Christmas season. Thank you again, and I will be back for more!!!!! ~A very happy client ~Irene Haugen

My order arrived today and I am VERY pleased!!! Everything is delicious and if not yet tasted, looks devine!!! Also, THANK YOU for the Caotina sample, Mmmmmmm!! Have never encountered anything less than perfection with your shipments. Keep up the good work. ~Candace Warner

Thank you for the wonderful customer service your team provided! You went above and beyond to grant our requests With Appreciation. ~Roberta Grealte

Tea Selection

Price: $13.00

Appenzeller Bär cookie, gingerbread, appenzeller, gefüllt, fourré, biber, biberli, big biber, bear, baer

Price: $35.00

Alpine Summer Tea

Price: $9.00

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